TRANSURBAN Bochum – Denis Klatt aka HIFI has finished his work at Hermannshöhe 40

Denis Klatt aka HIFI(ONE) is a real child of the Ruhr Area. He was born 1978 in Lünen and as his roots are in graffiti, he is or was a member in the graffiti crews AMC and NSIS. He has studied Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. In Bochum he just has finished a thrilling mural for TRANSURBAN Bochum at Hermannshöhe 40. After his gigantic sperm whale in Dortmund at Speicherstraße, Bochum has got another one.


TRANSURBAN; Denis Klatt aka HIFI Hermannshöhe/Franz-Vogt-StraßeLet me try to explain what this sea mammal connects with Bochum and the Ruhr Area. This Area often is referred affectionately as „Pott“. The meaning of the word is pot. And what has that got to do with that whale? Now, in German language a sperm whale is a pott whale. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say it is because whalers have cooked blubber in big pots to produce sperm oil. So in our language the whale got the name of those big pots (may be) and so the sperm(pott) whale is a native of the Ruhr Area. This is my own interpretation; no idea if anyone can follow me. Obviously climate change is happening now. Collieries are sunken and the whale swims a sun-drenched sea with spots of sunlight at its skin.

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  1. […] a book. Than I have made a mistake, checked my email first and found a message that the brandnew mural designed for TRANSURBAN by HIFI a few days before has been crossed last night. I wanted to see it with my own eyes otherwise it […]


  2. […] has realized two stunning murals in the Ruhr area. In Dortmund at Speicherstraße and in Bochum at Hermannshöhe, he has set free two colossal sperm whales to delight the public. To get an overview of what he has […]


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