TRANSURBAN BOCHUM – rear light – wave goodbye

When I started my street art year 2017 I promised myself to visit all those Halls of Fame which are quoted at Bochum’s Homepage. It shows 23 spots for legal graffiti all over the city and I thought it would be clever to start early in the year, to have the slightest chance to visit them all during a year! Then TRANSURBAN has put a spoke in my wheels. I have run breathless from A to B during the summer and now that TRANSURBAN finally has reached Bochum, I again have to forget the legal walls for a while due to lack of time. See you later …

011.JPGSold Out Gallery at Königsallee 16 is the crystallization point of TRANSURBAN in Bochum. From 11.10. – 28.10.2017 well known Wright Festival thrills with several events (for details check FACEBOOK). The tradition-rich Rotunde at the old main station is entering the future freshly renovated and with a new restaurant, which was introduced with a 025.JPGlive painting event last Saturday. 3 murals of renownd  street artists from the Ruhr Area are in the pipeline. Denis Klatt aka HIFI, THE TOP NOTCH & DEMON just have started their work at Hermannshöhe and Weiherstraße. KIBE & BIRD are still to begin at Brüderstraße 1. Up to 28.10.2017 Sold Out Gallery presents the exhibition „All City Style“ which brings street art off 116.JPGthe tracks and into the gallery. How it works? In a world of graffiti, train writing is the challenge par excellence and I suppose to write a NYC Subway Car is the wet dream of every writer. AllCityStyle is a US company producing blank models of  those NYC Subway Cars which are nearly 50 centimeters long; not comparable with the originals, but better than nothing. The exhibition shows impressively how different artists approach the subject of train writing. Don’t miss it! You do not have to be angry about those sprayed windows! Its a model only and it will never be used for public transport!

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