TRANSURBAN Bochum – 3 new murals are in the pipeline

In October TRANSURBAN has moved to Bochum and will come to its end for this year with a big party.

I would like to draw your attention to a number of thrilling events:

  • 11.10. – ? Mural by THE TOP NOTCH & DEMON (Weiherstrasse/Knüwerweg)

  • 17.10. – ? Mural by Denis Klatt aka HIFI (Hermannshöhe/Franz-Vogt-Straße)

  • 23.10. – ? Mural by KIBE & BIRD (Brüderstraße 1)

For me a special highlight:

  • 13.10. – 28.10. Sold Out Gallery shows „All City Style“

The exhibition shows Trainbombing Originals. A number of national and international artists, Loomit & Reso, Dare, a famous Swiss writer and Terrible T-kid from New York, have made it possible by designing models of urban trains which can be exhibited in the small space of the gallery.

For more information about the programme of TRANSURBAN in Bochum -> check

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