Whale Watching – Dortmund style

I must confess, I’m not a good sailor. I always get seasick when I see a ship from afar and with horror I remember a whale watching trip in Cork a long time ago, when I had taken the chance to feed the fish extensively. 082But I love the sea and sea mammals and so I was more than glad to get the message from a friend that Dortmund’s city port has got a new mural of a whale. And as you can visit and watch it without getting your feet wet, this days walk has driven me to a whale watching tour in Dortmund’s city port (Speicherstraße).

Whale; Denis Klatt aka HIFIONE; Speicherstraße


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  1. […] mural for TRANSURBAN Bochum at Hermannshöhe 40. After his gigantic sperm whale in Dortmund at Speicherstraße, Bochum has got another […]


  2. […] is diligent. This year he has realized two stunning murals in the Ruhr area. In Dortmund at Speicherstraße and in Bochum at Hermannshöhe, he has set free two colossal sperm whales to delight the public. To […]


  3. […] he has made home and settle down in Dortmund, at Speicherstraße, in the immediate vicinity to the spermwhale, created by HIFI last year. Ahoi and a warm welcome in the Ruhr area, you […]

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  4. […] quality; last year he had designed the facade of  the building with a spectacular life-sized spermwhale. I was excited. What I found in and around the location exceeded all expectations I had. Apart from […]

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