Hafendampf 2017 – After the jump

Even in bright weather that location below motorway A42 at Hafenstrasse, where Hafendampf is domiciled every year, is a dusky place. Passers walk their dogs, cyclists on their daily routes rush past on their way for excercises and traffic – cars as well as trucks – is on buisiness. 063.jpgNobody stops to have a look at the fresly renovated walls that bring colour into play. New lodgers have moved in during the weekend and they all have a temporary contract for one year. A weird bunch of animals inhabit the walls. Some primates, a baboon, a gorilla and a chimp live in harmony between a fish, some crocodiles, fox and wolf. 057.JPGFire salamamder and frog guard a labyrinth and an exotic turtle swims green waters while a king cobra, which survived from last years Hafendampf, takes care of everyone. The housewarming party with hip-hop, rap and salsa is over – until next year the next party will be thrown at Essen’s city port. Hopefully!


For more pictures ckick -> slideshow

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