Hafendampf 2017 – 2nd day of the jump

Sunday and second day of Hafendampf – unfortunately the fun’s going to end already in the evening. An agreement has been reached between autumn and summer; the weather had calmed down to a bright and dry day in blue and white with an acceptable temperature. The absence of JBCB was my only small downer. For me they are part of the furniture of Hafendampf and it was more than curious that they were not there. I have missed them very much. TKA, the crew which has designed the rear shutoff wall, addresses „Scapegraces and Antisocial Elements“ in the same breath as „Creatives“. As ever my decisions for my favorite wall changed all the time. I’ll go back to the finished walls in the next days to have a look at the final results – may be I can make a decision then,


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