The streets are paved with gold – Strassengold

When I was in Cologne yesterday to have a look at the process of work at Neusser Strasse 242, where artist collective INNERFIELDS in these days designs a new mural for TRANSURBAN, I was keen to see their exhibition „Blind Spot“ @ 30works gallery“ at Antwerpener Strasse 42. I was not aware that the gallery is closed Monday – Wednesday.


That left me a bit perplexed and helpless without having a backup plan. In order to rearrange myself I strolled around in search of a cafe or a tearoom and couldn’t believe what I found there. Colognes Belgisches Viertel is a neighbourhood always good for a surprise; my visits are frequently but this time it was very special. It seems to me that many of Paste-Up; ROBI THE DOGthe participants of Strassengold have flocked together and raged the quarter in a pack to cover the neighbourhood with new pieces. Obviously they have got slightly higher degree of support, as some brand new pieces of ROBI THE DOG, who died last year, have appeared at Brüsseler Strasse. Wonders will never cease! And oh – by the way: whoever the leader of that pack was – thank you so much!

The pictures I have taken that day please find -> here

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  1. […] My last visit in Cologne’s Belgisches Viertel brought me to some new paste-ups by ROBI THE DOG; a surprising find, as this artist died last year. I was told by now that his family has been in Cologne on the occasion of the exhibition „Strassengold“. The exhibition featured numerous items from his artistic estate and his family allowed to glue some paste-ups in the streets of Cologne. During my last walk in Ehrenfeld I came across two of those pieces and was more than happy! […]


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