Transurban Düsseldorf – Charles Bhebe for 40° Urban Art Festival at Kölner Landstraße 431

Today 5 pm the new mural of Charles Bhebe at Kölner Landstraße 431 in Düsseldorf Holthausen will be opened in a public ceremony.

036.JPGAs promised, the mural is going to show characters Charles Bhebe had observed during his stay in Holthausen. Everyday people you would expect to find in that neighbourhood are sitting and standing side by side peacefully. Young and old, workers and retirees, the fan of Fortuna 95 side by side with a Henkel employee, both 039.JPGrecognisable by their club emblem. The group is framed and accompanied by the youth with smartphone and virtual-reality glasses. Future, present and past – Holthausen has got a new eyecatcher.




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