PottWall Jam 2017 – The day of the jump

040.JPGWhat’s with me and Gladbeck?! Gladbeck is not far away from Essen but it is not an every-day destination (for me) and that’s only due to the weather; whenever I was there in the last time, it was raining cats and dogs! Yesterday was no exception. So I started a bit later when the heavy rain had changed to a light drizzle and hoped for the PottWall Jam 2017sunny intervals promised by the weather forecast. I hate that struggle to keep the lens of my camera dry. And the tunnel is of only limited assistance, as it is pitch dark inside. The writers were a little bit later too, as spraying in the rain isn’t that funny. But as promised, the weather became more and more pleasant and get things going. So PottWall Jam 2017; GBS GOODBOYSeverything was fine at long last, although not all pieces were finished and had to be compleated the next day. I fear I have to visit Schürenkamp Tunnel again in the next days, to have a look at the final results of the Jam. Cross fingers for the weather – PLEASE!

The pictures of the of the jump -> click



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