Archiv für den Monat Juli 2017

Kunst&So shows Señor Schnu’s solo show „10 Years of Schnumminism“

Only a few days are left to have fun with this exhibition at Kunst&So in Colognes „Belgisches Viertel“ at Genther Straße 6. It will be finished at 30.7.2017. I can only advise everyone to take your heels and run to get a glimpse. Nowadays based in Berlin, street artist SENOR SCHNU is a representative of „Happy […]

One thing is for sure – the change

Haltestelle der VIA AG, Zeche Zollverein (2014) Haltestelle der VIA AG, Zeche Zollverein (2017)

It’s going to be a hot summer in NRW

I would like to intrust again to you the TRANSURBAN Festival, which rocks this summer in the 6 cities Bochum, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen and Hagen. The cooperation partners are Sold Out Gallery, CityLeaks, 44309 Street//Art Gallery, 40° Urbanart Festival, UFAM Ruhr and Urban Heroes Festival. Their programme is diverse, anything but boring and the participants […]

Transurban Essen – Tim Schild x Jan Schoch at Gelsenkirchener Straße 191 – work in progress

The second mural for TRANSURBAN in Essen currently is beeing worked on at Gelsenkirchener Straße 191. The site is situated in close proximity to main entrance of Zeche Zollverein. The artists, Tim Schild & Jan Schoch, both are based in Essen and have left their traces at several locations in the city.

Villa RÜ in July

More pictures of Villa RÜ -> click

Marshal Arts

Zum Goldenen Schuss, Cologne, Belgisches Viertel, Antwerpener Str. 38 SEI LEISE x MARSHAL ARTS  

JOINY – For all purposes…

…especially in a hot summer Zum Goldenen Schuss; Antwerpener Straße, Köln

Unauthorized attachment of posters is prohibited…

…especially then! It is the little things that make me happy besides PDOT, METRAEDA and WLF.GANG an unknown artist with funny little elephants and more

Cologne – Belgisches Viertel

unknown artist


If you are lucky, you still can find the paste-ups made by ROBI THE DOG in Cologne, Belgisches Viertel. How much longer?