Transurban Essen – The Magical Mystery Tour is waiting to take you away

This weekend was a highligt for the first half of my street art year, in a year that wasn’t poor of highlights until now at all. Transurban Essen had offered a bus trip to urban art locations in Essen; participation a question of honor.


Essen really is not known as a stronghold of urban art, but we have a handful of people who work hard to let grow an awareness of art in public space. Atelierhaus Schützenbahn, well known as driving force behind UFAM Ruhr, is the crystallization point of TRANSURBAN in Essen. I was curious to learn something new about the s157treet art hot spots in my hometown. The first surprise was the bus, which was a double-decker bus with open top. Sightseeing at its best in perfect weather. The second surprise was that the bus was guided by the ultimate experts of the subject: Jan Schoch (UFAM Ruhr), David Hufschmidt aka THE TOP NOTCH and Ingo Ahlborn aka DEMON, both 167organizers of „Hafendampf“, Essens well known annual graffiti festival.  People who were able to tell the stories behind. So nothing, absolutely nothing, could go wrong. The route was quite clear and some kind of predictable, but the perspective from the topless deck was extraordinary. Started at Atelierhaus Schützenbahn the route led us 209to „Wände Südost“, the mural of Moni von Rheinberg (and others) at the station Steele, Hall of Fame Frillendorf with the remnants of „Hafendampf 2015“, Essens City port with the walls of „Hafendampf 2016“ and as a last stage before reaching Atelierhaus again, the wall of project „Art meets Art“ at Rheinischer Platz. I was in high spirits and during this245.JPG trip I couldn’t get this song out of my mind! Back at Atelierhaus we were invited to have a look at the results of the tape-art workshop which were displayed in a small exhibiton within the TRANSURBAN x UFAM Ruhr exhibition. As a cherry on the cake there was a videomapping around the brandnew mural designed for TRANSURBAN by TYMON performed by Daniel Derg with musical background by Jean-Yves Braun.

More pictures of TRANSURBAN Essen -> click


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  1. […] of the stories behind which were told in a sub-clause during the TRANSURBAN bus tour to urban art locations in Essen has shocked me.  Today I have slept on it and shock has transformed to anger over night. My […]


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