Transurban Essen – TAPE THAT – Tape Art Workshop

116.JPGBeeing in Berlin in April this year it wasn’t my first encounter with tape art; finally there is BARTO nearby in Düsseldorf, who was the first to introduce this technique to me during 40° Urban Art Festival 2015. In „THE HAUS“ I had the opportunity to see how it looks like to bring this technique to an extreme. Collective TAPE THAT has 027.JPGmade a significant contribution. I was curious to find out more about the technique, material, tools and not least the people behind. This workshop in the context of TRANSURBAN came just at the right. TAPE THAT is a collective of six artists. Founded in 2011 and based in Berlin, their artistic roots can be predominantly found in contemporary 037.JPGurban art with influences from street art, graffiti and design. Their works are essentially created out of adhesive tape which every member discovered independently from each other in their creative processes. Their works can be found in a variety of places, such as underground nightclubs, abandoned buildings, showrooms and galleries. 033.JPGThough based in Berlin, the collective is active all around the world with projects in Peru, Egypt, Spain, Qatar, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden, the US and the UK. [1] To use adhesive tape in a creative process is a walk in a park, as was impressively proven by two teenies. Their mother has made a surprise-gift and they got their projects off to a great start. The results of the workshop can be inspected in the context of the Exhibition UFAM x TRANSURBAN, 22.7.2016 6:30pm at Atelierhaus Essen, Schützenbahn 19.

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Source: [1]

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