Kunst&So shows Señor Schnu’s solo show „10 Years of Schnumminism“

214.JPGOnly a few days are left to have fun with this exhibition at Kunst&So in Colognes „Belgisches Viertel“ at Genther Straße 6. It will be finished at 30.7.2017. I can only advise everyone to take your heels and run to get a glimpse. Nowadays based in Berlin, street artist SENOR SCHNU is a representative of „Happy Style“. His alter Kunst&So; Señor Schnu solo show "10 Jahre Schnumminismus"ego, a bitten ice lolly with moustache, is always good tempered and at the positive side. Bright colours and funny faces are the recurring elements in his work. He started his career with graffiti, but he was often caught by the police and so 2007 he changed his interests and started to put up paste-ups. Removing pasted artwork is easier than removing spray colours. For his solo show he has designed his own wallpapers to provide the backdrop for his pieces. Wherever you look, the broadly grinning ice lolly is there. Amazing what can be made with a board except using it for skateboarding! This show is gaudily and fun is guaranreed.

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