It’s going to be a hot summer in NRW

I would like to intrust again to you the TRANSURBAN Festival, which rocks this summer in the 6 cities Bochum, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen and Hagen. The cooperation partners are Sold Out Gallery, CityLeaks, 44309 Street//Art Gallery, 40° Urbanart Festival, UFAM Ruhr and Urban Heroes Festival. Their programme is diverse, anything but boring and the participants warrant quality.

Additionally I would like to draw your attention to a brandnew (non profit) project of TRANSURBAN which has been launched recently. They have started to build up an Urban Art Archive for documentation of art in public space which is mostly temporary. The database is accessible for the public and everyone can paticipate; artworks will be drawn in a map. Please help to fill it with information and photos. Physically the archive is housed in a mobile container which travels all over the showplaces of TRANSURBAN Festival and who knows wherever when the festival is over.

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