TRANSURBAN 2017 – Essen

TRABSURBAN is a cooperational project of the six cities Dortmund, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen, Hagen and Bochum. In 2017 it presents a wide art and cultural programme to implement the latest developments and newest streams of urban art. In Essen again Atelierhaus Schützenbahn, well known as driving force behind UFAM Ruhr, is the crystallization point of TRANSURBAN in Essen.

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming events of Transurban 2017 in Essen:


Atelierhaus Schützenbahn, Schützenbahn 19/21, 45127 Essen

20.07. – 21.07. | 13 – 18 Uhr -> TAPE THAT – Tape Art Workshop

22.07.               | 17 Uhr         -> Bus Tour – Orte urbaner Kunst, Essen

22.07.               | 18:30 Uhr   -> Exhibition UFAM x TRANSURBAN


In the context of the exhibition there will be a videomapping around the brandnew mural designed for TRANSURBAN by TYMON performed by Daniel Derg with musical background by Jean-Yves Braun.


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