Transurban Essen – Tymon Ferenc de Laat (Rotterdam) at Atelierhaus Essen – Work in progress

UFAM Ruhr Am Porscheplatz 25: Anabel Jujol x Iakovos Volkos aka N.A.R.TRABSURBAN is a cooperational project of the six cities Dortmund, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen, Hagen and Bochum. In 2017 it presents a wide art and cultural programme to implement the latest developments and newest streams of urban art and to channel energies of the actors of local urban art scene. In Essen again Atelierhaus Transurban Essen; Tymon Ferenc de Laat aka TYMON (06/2017)Schützenbahn, well known as driving force behind UFAM Ruhr, is the crystallization point of TRANSURBAN in Essen. Today TYMON has launched a wall at „Am Porscheplatz 25“, near Atelierhaus Schützenbahn, which was designed last year during UFAM Ruhr by Anabel Jujol & Iakovos Volkos aka N.A.R. and as one thing is for sure – the change, this wall now is history. TYMON has chosen a miner, an icon and figure of identification of the Ruhr area, as basic theme.

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