STRIPED GUYS still found in Essen (finally)

There is a little story linked with this two guys: In October 2016 I got a message and a photo of a couple of pipe-cleaner-puppets sitting in a warm embrace on a street sign downtown Essen. For me it felt like a personal gift and the photo gave two indications of the position of this guys. So I was sure to find them in Rathenaustraße across from Grillo Theater. This JUST sticker I have known for a long time. The very next day saw me running straight ahead to Grillo Theater – to find nothing! Those guys seemed to have changed the area. I was sad and felt cheated and didn’t mind to be at the wrong spot!

Yesterday, 8 months later, I was downtown Essen for a haircut and (of course) I only had my small pocket camera with me. Different route and different perspective – and here we are! A little bit taken by wind and weather, but untouched and made for me only (I would like to think so). What I like the most is surprise.

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  1. […] expecting anything bad I stroll around the city center, mainly to take a better picture of the STRIPED GUYS in Rathenaustraße / Kapuzinergasse. When I had found those guys on last saturday I only had my […]


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