Dortmund’s missing a penguin

Rathenaustraße is a small alley that runs in parallel to the pedestrian zone downtown Essen. It is not highly frequented but recently it seems to be more and more attractive for street artists. Not long ago I had found a picture of a STRIPED GUY but when I was there to take a picture of it, that little guy had changed its territory and had gone.

120aI trusted, where one guy had emerged another will follow sooner or later. And even if Rathenaustraße is not on my normal route, I frequently have an eye on it. Yesterday this strategy paid off as I found a tile of 183.  I dont know that much about this artist. I suppose him/her to be based in the area Dortmund; he/she seems to have a comfort zone in Unionviertel. His/her tiles are to be found at every corner and he/she often works in collaboration with STRIPED GUYS. Nowadays the artist 183 Kartonchanges his material and uses cardboard or wood instead of ceramics and in my favorite backyard, at Adlerstraße 59, I came across a work that shows, that  he/she is able to produce excellent stencils as well. The penguin at Rathenaustraße is a recurring theme. Over the last years I have found it in ceramics, cardboard and wood at different places in Unionviertel and now in Essen. Welcome – I’m very pleased and hope for more!


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  1. 183 Streetart Collective · · Antworten

    Verry good 😛
    Cheers for the nice lines, photos and interest in our work. Keep ur eyes open.
    183 Collective


  2. […] me and so I wasn’t quite satisfied with my pictures. On my way to that spot I again met a penguin, escaped from Dortmund. Are two penguins already the first signs of an upcoming invasion? Further on, at GEKU haus, there […]


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