5 days of Amsterdam – Part V

This was my last day in Amsterdam and the first nice day with the sun shining warm and bright. That seemed to be the purest mockery!

Zeeburgerdijk 49Before my usual departure depression could catch me, I took a tram back to Amsterdams east side, where I had seen a mural the day before on my way back home from Flevopark. The tram had passed quickly and I got a glimpse only. It was a short journey; just right to say good bye and get through a short touristc programme at Alexanderkade 1246.JPGand Rembrandtplein. Rembrandtplein is a major square in the center of the city and a very popular spot due to nightlife. Several hotels, cafés and entertainment venues are located in the adjoining streets. The statue of Rembrandt by sculptor Louis Royer is Amsterdams oldest surviving statue in public space. Since 2006 a bronze-cast r"Die Nachtwache" Michail Dronov und Alexander Tatarinovepresentation of Rembrandts most famous painting, „The Night Watch“, by Russian artists Mikhail Dronov and Alexander Taratynov is displayed around the Royer work. Those sculptures serve as a magnet for tourists and their selfies. Would you like to take a picture without people? Patience! My time was short and lunch was more a snack. The return journey was unspectacular as everything what could go wrong went pretty well. Not exactly what normally could be expected from the railway.

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