5 days of Amsterdam – Part I

Amsterdam and street art – what is the best method to approach that topic? Asking www who knows it all, there are a lot of images and recommandations about hot spots, galleries, museums, legal walls and murals of famous names of the international street art scene.

224To get something into structure, it’s the best to do systematically, even due to time restrictions. So I started my first day in Amsterdam close to my hotel room, which was in the Jordaan. The former working class residental area now is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. Former known for the radical political Stencil; Unknown Artistclimate and the firm connection between the residents, as well as a weakness for plenty of alcohol and singing boozy drinking songs in the local pubs. Today it is a popular tourist area with pubs, restaurants and galleries and – last but not least – street art. I reached Amsterdam Centraal at 12 am, dropped down my luggage and g039a.jpget started. In the maze of all those narrow streets and alleyways I soon lost myself and it was clear quite quickly that the neighbourhood is dominated by BORTUSK LEER and his paste-ups. You’ll find him at every corner, at every cable distributor box. The artist is from Slovenia and describes his style „art comedy“. As surface to be painted he uses newspapers. I’m sure it has taken him a long time to learn again how to paint like a 5 year old child. Besides all those funny beasts of BORTUSK, Jordaan provides a wide range of street art of 680.JPGall kinds and not to forget the bizzare decorations of windows and balconys that could be found all around in the neighbourhood. Street art or decoration, that is the question.

It is obviously clear that this neighbourhood offers much more. In my 5 days in Amsterdam there was plenty of time to explore more of Jordaan, as my way back home every day led me right through the quarter. Often enough to discover more.

More pictures of Jordaan -> here

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