Kombüse 59 showed „Tabuzonen“ – solo show SEI LEISE

Normally the time between two journeys isn’t that short like this time. My trip to Amsterdam was planned far in advance; Berlin came up unexpected, so what else could I do? I had to travel both in a very short time. I already had begun with the preparations for Amsterdam, when my organizer pointed out an exhibition, for me a must go and impossible to be missed. That didn’t suit my plans, but never mind – and go!

Flyer Tabuzonen.jpg

L1330050As usual there was plenty to see and experience along the way to the exhibition. At Worringer Platz a new mural attracted my attention. A quotation of the poem „Gitti Göc“ of the Turkish poet Ilhan Berk has been painted with chalk on the facade of Ackerstraße 3. The script already has begun to fade away, a quite desired L1330038.JPGeffect. In the further course of my way to the exhibition,  I met a rabbit and a bird’s nest. Kombüse 59 is situated in Blücherstraße 59 and is right in the middle of Pempelfort, which is a residental area. It was opened in December 2016 as a venue for concerts, readings, exhibitions and who knows what else more. For only 3 days (28.4.  – L1330022b.jpg30.4.) they have shown the SEI LEISE solo show „Tabuzonen“. I was intrigued to see, what will await me under this heading. In social media I had found some new works, like Donald Trump with a nappy made of the American flag, or a girl in a petticoat made of the star spangled banner looking to the Statue of Liberty at her feet, which electrified me and made me hope for more of that stuff. And I was not disappointed. The works of SEI LEISE mostly are quiet and really poetic, but never non-political. It seems that nowadays his works are getting louder. One example might be the L1330011alienation of the very famos picture of „Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima„. The American flag was replaced by the McDonald’s icon. Of course Donald Trump was there as well as the girl with the petticoat and various surveillance cameras. I am excited about and looking forward to CityLeaks 2017; next turn 1. – 24. September in Cologne. Part of the festival will be the exhibition „Straßengold“, organized and curated by SEI LEISE. See you there!

Flyer Tabuzonen_0001More pictures -> click


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