5 days of Berlin – Part IV

Thursday – the day after THE HAUS – and I was still battered down! And all throughout is Berlin! To get in gear this morning was hard, and so I decided to take it easy and leave my decisions to the spur of the moment.

Strelitzer Straße 18; Xi-Design aka THE DIXONS powered by Talenthouse: 2016

I thought it a good idea to start the day with the visit of an exhibition. The Urban Spree Gallery showed a solo show of Christian August aka KID CASH „Very Necessary“. So I took a tram to Warschauer Straße; the gallery is close by, at Revaler Straße 99. In passing the Berlin Wall memorial, a blood-red gable attracted my attention and I left the Paste-Up; EL BOCHO Little Lucytram to take a closer look. WOW! THE DIXONS again – you cannot escape them! This mural at Bernauer Straße / Strelitzer Straße looks like a giant steak. It talks about the  dramatic cut to Berlin between 1961 and 1989, the years of the division of Berlin. In the texture of the meat you can see the borders andPaste-Up; PILZATOR parts of Berlin. The next spontaneous stop on my way to the gallery was at Husemannstraße. A paste-up of EL Bocho attracted my attention as the tram stopped. I disembarked to explore the spot and discovered Kollwitzkiez, a historical restored neighbourhood with a lot of restaurants, cafes and pubs. Worth a visit in the evening, street art 558included. PILZATOR, EL BOCHO, ROBI THE DOG, SAM CREW and others accompanied my way to the next tram station at Prenzlauer Allee. I continued my way to the gallery by tram and reached Wahrschauer Straße at 10 am. Little I had known about Revaler Straße 99. I thought it to be a normal address, but this address identifies and covers 712an area which was the former Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk (National Railway Repair Works). It is a 1700 sqm artistic space dedicated to urban cultures through exhibitions, artist residencies, workshops, concerts, an art gallery and a large beer garden. My plans to take it easy were in vain in view of all the paste-ups, styro-cuts, Urban Spree Gallery solo show Christian August aka KID CASH "Very Necessary"tiles  and graffiti at this site. National and international artists of great renown, such as  1UP Crew, Bordalo Segundo aka BORDALO II, LOW BROS, Christiaan Nagel, RXSKULLS are to be found there. At the point where my endurance was almost at the end, I reached the gallery (exhausted but lucky) and finished that day with the exhibition, I had come for.

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