5 days of Berlin – Part III

Words hardly can express what I felt and what I have experienced in „THE HAUS“.

What expresses it best is:

B   A   N   G   !!!

THE HAUS - BERLIN ART BANGAre you living in Berlin or are you close by at least? If not, are you more than 1000 miles away? Never mind! No matter where you are, take your heels on and run, the wrecking ball is already getting ready. You will regret to have missed it! It’s a must go for street art lovers!


There is no time without queueing. The best is to start early, but when I started at 9:30 there were already 50 people at the doors. However, when I left „THE HAUS“ in the afternoon, the queue was approximately 150m long and waiting time had increased to 2 hours. You can avoid the queue. Pay for a guided tour and you can enter just in time. Supplied as well: a lot of insider information around the artists and rooms. Its 10€ and its more than worth it.

Unfortunately I cannot show images as usual as it was not allowed to take pictures in The Haus. A bitter pill at the beginning but afterwards a good decision of The Hausmeisters. Taking pictures is very distracting; so everybody got the chance to enjoy the art, the atmosphere and the moment through the own eyes and not through the screen of a phone or a camera. Incidentally I don’t believe that my images could have been better than the high quality pictures in that sensational book they’ve sold.


It is impossible to decide what I liked the most. I could tell novels about my favorites. The room designed with scenes of „Alien“ painted with a colour, visible under the black light of UV lamps only. The whale caught in a net, fighting for life. The installation of a living room, with sofa, coffee-table, laptop all overgrown with moss, made by SENOR SCHNU. The woody smell in this room was wonderful. And not to forget the staircases, populated by strange creatures, looking like they are out of a comic. And then the corridors – even the mad! The tape artists have processed miles of tape in black and white or coloured and created confusing tunnels distorting the perception of the room. And – and – and…

If you have the chance to risk an eye don’t miss it. There still is time. But fasten seat belts!

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  1. […] who was the first to introduce this technique to me during 40° Urban Art Festival 2015. In „THE HAUS“ I had the opportunity to see how it looks like to bring this technique to an extreme. Collective […]

    Gefällt mir

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