5 days of Berlin – Part II


It was Tuesday and my tension increased to high voltage. As I had tried to get a guided tour in THE HAUS for Tuesday and failed, I postponed my visit to Wednesday. Some things just can’t be predicted, so it’s a good idea to be prepared and have a contingency plan.

There was no need to think long for my alternative plan. Have you heard of Wedding? I thought it was quite interesting for it’s a classic working class neighbourhod with some serious problems due to high unimployment, structural change and a high percentage of immigrant residents. That is always a good combination for low rents, exotic food and graffiti. Before the reunification of the former East and West Germany, Wedding was separated by the Berlin Wall. Today the quarter is more and more attractive for students and artists but gentrification is on the move. In 2011 in Wedding the street art project Wedding Walls was launched to make Wedding more attractive. I don’t know how many murals have been designed and if the project is being continued. I only have had some hours and found some impressive walls. I absolutely will return to Wedding to explore more.

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