5 days of Berlin – Part I

As I had made plans for a trip to Amsterdam, a visit of Berlin has not been in the pipeline. Then, in January, I heard about The Haus – Berlin Art Bang and the situation changed immediately. The more details had come to my attention, for me it became pretty clear very early, Berlin Art Bang is a must go!

I was extremely impatient and curious what will await me in The Haus, but they are closed on Mondays and so I chose a Monday as my day of arrival. The plan was to visit Schöneberg first, where the former bank building, which was transformed to „The Haus“ is located.


Schöneberg is an attractive destination for street art hunters. Bülowstraße 97 is the Headquarter of URBAN NATION. Since 2013 the initiative URBAN NATION, under the direction of Yasha Young, has been inviting international talents of Urban Contemporary Art to Berlin to show their works. Creating murals to design façades, house walls and shop windows. URBAN NATION is part of the public foundation „Berliner Leben“, Urban Nation; BUSTER: OSGEMEOSbecoming so a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating possibilities and space which should function as a meeting point and hub for urban contemporary artists. And it works! The walls of the neighbourhood are plastered with street art of extremely high quality. Bülowstraße 7 is currently being converted into an outstanding museum exhibition space, with support from LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin. Once opened, the museum will be a magnet for artists, art lovers, the people of Berlin and tourists. It will provide space for development, research, workshops and educational programmes for children and students. The heart of the house will be 153the Martha Cooper library: a library donated by the worldwide-respected photojournalist Martha Cooper, who has recorded the development of Urban Art. From Bülowstraße to Nürnberger Straße it is only a short walk. So I closed the day with a flying visit at Nürnberger Straße 68, to have a peep at „The Haus“. It was a Monday – of course, it was closed, but you could catch a glimpse of the designed façade. It was a capial letter, an H, THE HAUS - BERLIN ART BANGcomposed of all the tags of the participating artists.

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Source [1]



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