Charlie Brown is gone – now there is Pest Control

Yann Mathé aka L.E.T. & PDOT; "Little Combo"

In March 2015 L.E.T. has painted this garage gates in Zimmerstraße, next to Brause, in collaboration with his artist colleague PDOT. The former cashpoint of a small vintage petrol station has mutated to a social club with a number of concerts, readings, exhibitions and much more. The old fashioned glass front is paved 059with stickers made by artists all over the German street art scene. In the coarse of the last years Charlie Brown had got some company and the gates were covered all over with stickers and little paste-ups. It seems L.E.T. has leased that gate; he has replaced Charlie Brown recently. All the stickers have been removed, the doors have got a new finish in blue and a new piece called „Pest Control“ has been 060.JPGapplied – again L.E.T. with the collaboration of PDOT. Not to forget the little stencil of a baseball player made by DECYCLE, at the wall next to the doors. In the case you plan to pay Brause a visit and marvel their sticker parade, don’t miss Kucheneck to take a cup of coffee and a piece of their extraordinary homemade cakes or pastries.

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  1. […] you remember my post due to a new designed garage gate near Brause in Düsseldorf Bilk? L.E.T. had replaced one of my […]


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