MEOW – Well roared, kitty!

Kunst&So; JOINY SEI LEISE et al.Pola Bergmann has adopted „museum für verwandte kunst“ from her mother and has committed herself to the mission of promoting young and little-known artists. The former museum, situated in Colognes trendy neighbouhood „Belgisches Viertel“, in Genter Straße 6, is now called KUNSt&So, with Pola Bergmann as director. The actual exhibition „WE DON’T SLEEP AT NIGHT“ presents MEOW & EINSA CE. Besides the exhibition the Kunst&So; EINSA CE CREATURE INK KLEINES Agallery provides an overview of the Rhine street art scene with stickers, paste-ups, stencils and light objects. Even when no exhibition is taking place, you should not pass it! To see the stencils of MEOW was my primary reason to pop in that day, as I had seen the work of EINSA CE in Bochum in January. MEOW is a street artist based in Cologne, who is active in the streets for several years with dKunst&So; group show MEOW x EINSA CE iffering street names. Under the alias MEOW he mostly uses cats as main character. I don’t know anything about his intentions using cats as projection screen, but my cinema inside starts the inner film projector immediately looking at this cat characters. „ALL CATS ARE BEAUTIFUL“ alternate with „ALL CATS ARE BASTARDS“. They are dressed like models and pose as if for a photo shooting, but subliminal they look hungry. One of my favorite motives is a hairless cat which seems to be a sphynx cat dressed in a pink strap dress. With regard to the body the head with its triangular face is very small, the two radiating blue eyes look intense. For me and my inner cinema an allusion to a hungry mannequin – perfect bodied but starving. The head does not fit the body, not only because it is the head of a cat, but because of the proportions.

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