Selfie Mania – an artist has found his theme

It seems that anybody does it! The world is flooded with self portraits. It has not been done, if you haven’t taken a picture. Those were the days, when dad, after pulling the trigger of the sef-timer, plunged to the posing family, to include himself in the picture.

Paste-Up; PLANET SELFIESince 2015 an artist with the street name PLANET SELFIE is active in the streets of Cologne with handmade coloured stencils. He appeared on my radar during the exhibition „Straßengold“ 2016. The artist is working off the topic of shooting selfies and brings it to the top; most important tool used: the selfie stick. As a matter of transport many different and well known characters, like Winnie the Poo, Super Mario, Popeye the sailor, Ernie & Bert and and and… are used. Accompanying the exhibition one learned, that in 2015 more people were killed by shooting selfies than by shark attacks. Protect your children! The invention of the selfie stick is only surpassed by the selfie drone – the world has gone mad, our reply: PLANET SELFIE.

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