SEI LEISE – Security Cameras

Tim Ossege aka SEI LEISE was born 1984 and started his career with graffit in 2010. He is a Cologne based street artist focused on vector graphics and reverse graffiti. As far as I know there are not much artists in germany using this technique. So he might be the most productive reverse graffiti artist in germany. His street name essentially means „be quiet!“, but even if his street name is quiet, his art is loud and clear. One of his newest works shows president Trump as an infant with the wrinkled torso of an old man, sitting on the floor, naked, except for a nappy, which seems to be the American flag. A recurring topic in his work is security cameras, a theme he is working off since he appeared on my radar in 2015. Provisional highlight in the development of his cameras: the camera-headed gull with a bulletproof vest.

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