Weltbaustellen NRW – Bochum

The 17 goals of sustainable development of the United Nations have been enforced in January 2016. Urban art campaign „Weltbaustellen – Die Welt von morgen wächst vor Ort“ deals with those goals. 17 goals – 17 murals in North Rhine Westfalia. 8 different cities have got new designed facades in 2016; 9 murals are still to come in 2017. In Bochum Gerthe in June and July 2016 the artists Rafael Campaña Ochoa (CUB), Abel Morejón Galá (CUB) and Henning Dahlhaus (DEU) have finished their mural at the facade of Schwerinstraße 2.

This mural deals with the subject of predatory exploitation of our oceans. 3 gear wheels, identified as £, € and $, drive with power the big profit machine which swirls the water to big waves. A little fish tries to escape a shark similar hand. In the direct vicinity the ocean is a dump. The few fish don’t look very lucky and don’t seem to be healthy. No wonder, a lot of hazardous rubbish, like nuclear waste, munition, plastic bags and poisons of all kinds are assembled in a shark that turns out to be a plastic bottle. But nature strikes back. Sea level is rising and the last skyskrapers are almost flooded and under water. A separated and partly skeletonized hand holds a coin in its fingers labelled with “ MONEY IS HOT“

For more pictures of Bochum Gerthe -> click

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