Sold Out Gallery shows „High Voltage“ – EINSA CE solo show

Whenever I drive through, I wish to explore more of Bochum. Bochum makes me up, not merely due to Grönemeyer!

043The signal tower is tagged by all those local cracks and even if I didn’t know about Bermudatriangle, which is the entertainment district of the area, and all those famous spots for Street Art at Universitätsstraße,  Bochum is a must go for Street Art fans! With a bit of luck you ride a train to Bochum wich departs a bit from the common colour scheme of the German Federal Railway. Sold Out Gallery; "High Voltage"; Solo Show EINSA CENevertheless I mostly drive through on my way to Dortmund. This year, I promise, will bring a change. As a starter I’ll serve the „High Voltage“ solo show of EINSA CE at Sold Out Gallery, Königsallee 16, Bochum. Besides equipment for artists they deal with Contemporary Art and Street-Art, Urban-Art and designer Toys. They have started the year with this show which runs until the end of Sold Out Gallery; "High Voltage"; Solo Show EINSA CEFebruary.  I don’t know that much about EINSA CE except that he is from the Ruhr area, probably from Dortmund. The CE marking is a mandatory conformity marking, found on products designed to be sold in the European Economic Area. He marks his works with CE because they often have an electronical or mechanical background. Over painting and graphics he came to sculpturing 098.JPGand installations. His works for public space mostly consist of cardboard, paper and rigid foam panels and his motifs are mixtures of animals, insects and mechanics, trying to get in connection with a more and more electronic world. As ever, it was very difficult to decide which piece of that exhibition was my personal favorite, but there is one more thing I would like to say: that chameleon with its eye rolling mechanism – what a genius idea!

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  1. […] it! To see the stencils of MEOW was my primary reason to pop in that day, as I had seen the work of EINSA CE in Bochum in January. MEOW is a street artist based in Cologne, who is active in the streets for several […]

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  2. […] long ago, in January, EINSA CE had a solo show at Sold Out Gallery in Bochum. I have been there and spent a long time viewing his creatures. Non […]

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  3. […] it was seen in Bochum, Sold Out Gallery, during the exhibition „High Voltage“. I was mesmerized by that critter with it’s eye rolling mechanism. Now, one year later, it […]

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