My 2016 Highlights (3/3)

September was dominated by 5 days of London. There is not much more to say than WOW! I know for sure, If I was living there, I might never come to rest or sleep. It was hard to return to normal life; street art was a helper.

101At the end of a short walk in September in Dortmund I passed Humboldtstraße on my way back to main station and it absolutely blew me away to find Alice Pasquini aka ALICE at work at a wall near 44309 STREET//ART GALLERY. While I have been in London, in Hagen Urban Heroes Festival, organized by Ihsan Alisan and Arzu Mirabai Akbaba, took place. The first Festival for UUrban Heroes Festival 2016; Bogen 1: Guido Zimmermann (Frankfurt)rban Contemporary Art happened at Schlachthofstraße 1 (S-Bahn-Station Hagen-Wehringhausen). During the Festival (24. September – 03. Oktober 2016)  numerous  artists designed big walls in Hagen and at the railway station Wehringhausen. My absolute favourite was the mural of Frankfurt based artist Guido Zimmermann who took a painting of Giambattista Tiepolo, a famous 053.JPGVenetian painter of baroque, as a template for the designn of his piece. Zimmermann reinterpreted the original painting „Die Jungfrau erscheint Philip Neri“ to a scene with slaughter cattle. A lamb as infant Jesus and a winged piglet – a strong anthropomorphism and no way to ignore the original use of that site as a slaughterhouse. November came with a crying and a laughing e035ye when I found myself in Dortmund at Humboldstraße, where the UFAM Ruhr project wall painted by L7M and SOFREESO had already passed away. The wall was repainted by SWIZ who was a guest in 44309 Street Art Gallery until December 17th with his solo show „ECLOSION“. Main reason for this walk in Dortmund was that the full effect of the facade Lange Straße 13, designed by Julia Benz i008.JPGn collaboration with Christian Hinz aka KERA, was now showed to the passer-by, as the scaffolding was disassembled at last. Wintertime paralyses most activities of artists in public space; they hide themselves away in their studios and the best chance to get a glimpse of their work is to visit one of the exhibitions accumulating in wintertime and so December was closed with some exhibitions. My favourite was „The Hard Drawing“ by Dan Perjovschi. Created on the levels 0-6 of the U-Tower in Dortmund, it will be on view until the end of August 2017 – For Free!


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