My 2016 Highllights (2/3)

Spring said good-bye and summer started subtly with Christel Lechner and her „Everyday People“ who payed Rees, a sleepy town on the Lower Rhine, a flying visit.

Next on my s919achedule in May was Munich and Stroke Art Fair. The most important discovery at that fair was PXNR, but Munich had to offer much more. Gallery Kronsbein with a BANKSY exhibition, Candidplatz and  Brudermühlbrücke, Tumblingerstraße  and Alter Viehhof are linked with my trip to Munich. In June, soccer’s European championship and Public Viewing were the 068.JPGmain headline in public awareness. My focus was an exhibition of a Brazilian street artist, Luis Seven Martins aka L7M, by 44309 Streetart Gallery. His amzing birds are made to blow you away! He trys to make you understand the chaos, the order and the beauty. July was characterized by Emscherkunst. At Dortmund, Phoenixsee, Cooking Plant Hansa and in Recklinghausen the City Port were the playgrounds for the participating a067artists. The sculptures of a project called „Spirits of the Emscher Valley“. by the artist duo Lucy + Jorge Orta were my favorites. Incidences were overturning in summer. UFAM Ruhr with its 5 playgrounds scattered over the whole Ruhr Area and Hafendampf at Essen City Port appeared on the stage. The organizers of both events must have worked day and 054night setting up this projects together with their teams. For me it was a constant struggle to make a decision where to go first. And so for me summer consisted of oscillating between all those locations. Those weeks were hot, not only due to the extremely high temperatures! Matters were made worse by the fact that I was planning a trip to London for atumn.

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