My 2016 Highlights (1/3)

Today I got a message from wordpress with congratulations; they notify my first year with my blog. The idea to launch it and share my images and information about street art in my region was born in January 2016. Now, after a year with my blog, I must confess, I never have imagined it possible that a year could be as short. It was filled up with street art; hard to say something about the highlight of the last year and to point out the one and only is impossible for me. What I can do is to make a list in view of the last year and point out some favorites.


I spent January in the abyss of establishing the programme and handle it. Almost as an aside I have made some walks and wrote a number of reports to practice and find something like my personal handwriting. I don’t want to show nice picatures only. The Who and Where is important too. My readers need a huge amount of patience, this much is clear! Ruhrort; Leinpfad; Ruhrorter StrickguerillaFebruary and March were dominated by street art in Duisburg Ruhrort. Duisburg celebrated the 300th anniversary of the harbour with a number of events in the context of 37th Duisburger Akzente. Not only the „Ruhrort Guerilla Knitters“, an anonymous group which is active with their spectacular feats in the port district 839.JPGonly, were part of the extensive programme. My trip to Hamburg at the end of March was amazing – and NO, I didn’t make a harbour cruise! The discovery of this visit was „Street Art School“ inside Rindermarkthallen in St. Pauli. It was opened 2015 as a school, venue and studio, to support the young art form street art. The teachers are people who are insiders of the scene and know all 022aabout the techniques. April was very nice. Spring awakened in a cloud of cherry blossoms. I visited Bonn to get a glimpse of “Hanami”, the Cherry Blossom Festival and met a lot of Asians. The transient beauty of viewing flowers in blossom is deeply rooted in Asian tradition. In spring, Bonn takes on the pink hues and all the people flip out and go crazy. Walking through a tunnel of pink cherry blosssoms seem to make people – and not only Asian people – move like beeing on drugs. The start of the year 2016 was nice, but quite slow.

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