Between the years

I’m fed up with Xmas and all the hype around sleigh bells and all that madness about the presents. Thank heaven, Christmas dinner is  digested and the end of this year is near. What remains is to wait for the Fireworks and the feast, and for the intervening period (inbetween) don’t make too much plans, as the weather traditionally is very bad then. This time of the year is boring – nearly endless and sad. But this last days of the year are different. Weather had an insight and produced a high pressure area which was stable for some days. I have taken the opportunity and have made one last walk in 2016 in Düsseldorf Oberbilk.

024It was a bright and blue day,  so I headed for Düsseldorf Volksgarten, which was on my agenda for a long time. Not only for an artwork of Klaus Rinke „Zeitfeld“, which was created for Bundesgartenschau 1987. I don’t know that much about the „Colorful Dragons“ which are situated in the direct neighbourhood of „Zeitfeld“. According to rumor it is a clever cover for the ventilation tubes of the underground.

After Volksgarten I went to the next top on my agenda. I had heared of a playground for street artists at the property of an abandoned do-it-yourself superstore at Oberbilker Allee. What I came upon there I wasn’t prepared for. This site is a nest for Harald Naegli aka DER SPRAYER VON ZÜRICH, L.E.T. and many other popular street artists of the region.

The pictures of the last walk of this year you’ll find -> here


P.S. A healthy start into the New Year and all the best!

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