Murals in Essen (2nd)

I was angry about a friend, who described Essen as a real desert of art and wondered about those preconception; unbraked by any expertise. I recommended him to open his eyes and look around. There is art in public space in Essen! Not that spectacular and well published as in Berlin or Hamburg, but we have murals too. I claimed to be able to give him 10 murals off the cuff and offer evidence by photo. The longer I was engaged with this theme, the more I found in my wealth of images, I have shot in the last years. In this context it might be useful to note, that all those murals are still to be seen at the described positions. And here they are – 10 more!

Am Porscheplatz; Jan Schoch

Am Porscheplatz; Jan Schoch

St. Barbara Kirche; ZUKCLUB  „FOX -The Sleeping Hunter“ (2015)

Wände Südost; „Searching the distant color“; Skount; Wächtlerstraße (2010)

Söllingsraße / Steeler Straße

Herkulesstraße; RWE Substation; Gabor Doleviczenyi et al.; Zinnober (2009)

Martinstraße / Alfredstraße; RWE Substation; Gabor Doleviczenyi et al.; Zinnober (2016)

Private House; Gabor Doleviczenyi; Zinnober based on a design by Moni van Rheinberg; Levinstraße 66 (2016)

Girardet Haus; Ingo Ahlborn aka DEMON; DEMONART

“The Return of the Bubbles”; ; Ingo Ahlborn aka DEMON; DEMON ART

Südpromenade am Messeparkplatz P2; “The Return of the Bubbles”; Ingo Ahlborn aka DEMON


Busstop Oberschlesienstraße -> City Center; GIGO PROPAGANDA

Please find all murals in my map

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