There are impressive Murals in Essen too

Essen is a city in the midst of Germany and after Cologne, Düsseldorf and Dortmund the fourth biggest city of North Rhine-Westfalia. It is not known as a stronghold of street art, it cannot compete with those big three, but when I think it over, 10 murals spontaneously spring to my mind. It doesn’t always have to be Berlin or Hamburg, Düsseldorf or Cologne. Don’t forget Essen, it has the potential to be more than one more boring city!

Reigen; Dudenstraße

Unknown Artist; Reigen; Dudenstraße; 2016

Storp 9; Moni van Rheinberg x GIGO PROPAGANDA; 2005

Mural Global; Moni van Rheinberg x Claudio Francia x Xolile Mtakatya; 2000

 Moni van Rheinberg; Fassaden Schölerpad / Kleine Buschstraße; 2003

 Moni van Rheinberg; Fassaden Schölerpad / Kleine Buschstraße; 2003

Ben Mathis „Grüne Lunge“; Witteringstraße / Rellinghauser Straße; 2011

GIGO PROPAGANDA; Steeler Straße 77 – 83; 2015

„Stadt-Mensch-Raum“; Projekt „Art meets art“

DOPIE; Hotel Shanghai; Steeler Str. 33

Martin Bender x Tobias Koop; Viehofer Straße / Kreuzeskirchstraße; UFAM Ruhr 2016


Of course that isn’t all. OPEN YOUR EYES there is to be find much more!

Please find all murals in my map


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  1. […] well published as in Berlin or Hamburg, but we have murals too. I claimed to be able to give him 10 murals off the cuff and offer evidence by photo. The longer I was engaged with this theme, the more I […]

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