Is DECYCLE in Town?

530a.JPGPieces of DECYCLE are rare, not only in Essen. It is rumored that he has fallen in love and moved to USA, but I don’t know if it’s the truth. His USB-Medusa I met the first time in Hamburg (Gängeviertel) in March. As it was not signed, I had no idea which artist was responsible; I should have, he finally had an exhibition there at this time.

My next date with Madame Medusa was in Düsseldorf Bilk in Spring, where it was pasted at a cable distributor in a much more smaller formate. Now everything came together; I had found out the source of that piece on www-know-it-all. Next time in October, it was a big surprise: L.E.T. has painted a big wall in Hagen for Urban Heroes Festival and DECYCLE and some other Düsseldorf based artists obviously followed in his wake. When I met his Medusa today it sprouted hope, that he is in town for an exhibition, but WHERE? I haven’t heared anything about such an exhibition! Anyway – welcome back in Essen Madame Medusa!

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  1. […] was very excited to find Madame Medusa in my hometown in 12/2016. This paste-up, made by DECYCLE, was highly respected by Essen’s […]

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