UFAM Ruhr – Herten

Once one of Europes biggest coal mining towns, Herten and its 60.000 inhabitants suffered from the decline in mining activity in the area as well as the whole Ruhr region. Structural change continued to hold the majority of regions firmly in its grip. A few years ago Herten was charcterized by vacancy, migration and sad atmosphere, but in a       redeveloping project a lot of people are working hard for a comeback of the quarter. The focus of the project lies on the principle of everyday culture. Ewaldstraße, where the new attractions of UFAM Ruhr are localised, is the epicentre of Creative Quarter Herten.

006.JPGThe run-down buildings from the years of the rapid industrial expansion have been redeveloped and cleaned up. Along Ewaldstraße  new shops, stores, restaurants and studios give Herten a new, friendly appearance. Using art and culture as a means is a strategy used in all Creative Quaters in the Ruhr area. Within the project „UFAM Ruhr“ 4 locations at Ewaldstraße we003.JPGre playgrounds for local and international artists. Backyard of Ewaldstraße 62, home of ART.62 provided the stage for live paintings and performances. Ewaldstraße 72, which is home of community care centre Herten has got a new facade design by Christoph Kummerow aka QURT QUMI and MADAME (Paris). Ewaldstraße 82 had an eventful history. The former salesroom, tavern, f028.JPGast food restaurant, is announced to become a studio now. MARCIEJ KAROLCZYK (Bochum) and local artists have designed a wall with LEGO bricks, an unusual, but not an unknown material in street art. The team of artists working at Ewaldstraße 97 consisted of two graffiti artists based in Essen, THE TOP NOTCH & DEMON and Johanna Lüffe, who was born in Warendorf. She lives and works in Hamm now.

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