Isenbergplatz – Neighbourhood with Flair

Essen is not exactly considered to be the stronghold of street art, but there are districts that have charm. Rüttenscheid and its restaurant and pub scene is well known but do you know the artists district around Isenbergplatz, which wasn’t marked at the city map until 2012?

IMG_4832.JPGOn the edge of the  neighbourhood, Michael Curth, the owner of the house Rellinghauser Straße / Witteringstraße, an activist for the protection of the rainforest,  commissioned BEN MATHIS (Düsseldorf) to give the facade a new design. Streets and alleyways around Isenbergplatz have changed in the last years. Long-established second-hand shops and cafes, like Cafe Click with its win034a.JPGter garden, have gotten company. Designer shops, offering anything but nothing off the peg. Fashion-, jewellery- and furniture designers produce and sell their products here. System catering seems to be a foreign word for „De Prins“, Dutch bar with a touch of vintage, serving typical Dutch pub grub and beer. And a  vegan icecream parlor nowadays is very popular. A visit to the quarter is rewarding, especially in spring and summer, when life is oriented around the childrens playground and live music is performed for entertainment. At Rellinghauser Straße 107 the facade was decorated with an installation of a special 008.JPGkind. Renate Neuser, Essen based artist, designed this facade with several masks, probably made from pottery, with dual meanings. Crocodile or face – that is the question! A few steps away, at Rellinghauser Straße, the wall of a garage court is designed by THE TOP NOTCH and other graffiti artists. Most of the stencils and paste-ups emerging here are to be seen at Isenbergplatz only.

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