Urban Heroes Festival

A great part of this summers increase of pieces of art in public space in Hagen had Urban Heroes Festival. Organized by Ihsan Alisan and Arzu Mirabai Akbaba the first Festival for Urban Contemporary Art happened at Schlachthofstraße 1 (S-Bahn-Station Hagen-Wehringhausen). During the Festival (24. September – 03. Oktober 2016)  numerous  artists designed big walls in Hagen and at the railway station Wehringhausen.

In the run-up to the festival a number of well known artists like Martin Bender aka BNDR, Jens Westip and Thomas Baumgärtel aka BANANENSPRAYER finished eyecatcher-walls in Hagen Wehringhausen and Eckesey.

028Wilhelmsplatz in Wehringhausen was the scene of the workshop Urban Heroes meets Kunst vor Ort! Local artist Tobias Koop and others designed the trafohouse in collaboration with  children. During the festival from 24.09.-03.10.2016, visitors have had the chance to observe the artists creating their murals at Schlachthofstraße. My absolute favourite is the mural of Frankfurt based aUrban Heroes Festival 2016; Bogen 1: Guido Zimmermann (Frankfurt)rtist Guido Zimmermann who took a painting of Giambattista Tiepolo, a famous Venetian painter of baroque, as a template for the design of his piece. Zimmermann reinterpreted the original painting „Die Jungfrau erscheint Philip Neri“ to a scene with slaughter cattle. A lamb as infant Jesus and a winged piglet – a strong anthropomorphism and no way to ignore the original use of that site. 079More pieces were designed by well known artists like Becker Schmitz (Moers), Linda Nadji (Cologne), Daniel Man (Augsburg), L.E.T. (Düsseldorf), AINS, ADIOS, Christian Schaaf, ES58 Crew, Lea Haueisen, MISTA & NOAH. Not to mention all those others who swam in the wake.

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