UFAM Ruhr – Hagen

Hagen has got a number of new pieces of art in the last weeks. UFAM Ruhr had played a big part of it. I had reported about the collaboration of Robert Matzke aka ROOKIE THE WEIRD & David Radon in Hagen Wehringhausen, Christian-Rohlfs-Strasse 17. Four new facades and walls have been designed by intercommunal major project UFAM Ruhr and remain as visible signs of creative power in Hagen.

014a.jpgIn the immediate neighbourhood of Christian Rohlfs Straße, at Moltkestraße, a team of two artists has finished the next gable. This team consisted of two artists who could not have been more diverse. Lea Carla Diestelhorst, Bachelor of fine Arts and freelance artist based in Dortmund, met MOST who is well known as a member of JBCB from Hamburg. Next road running 024.JPGparallel to Moltkestraße is Roonstraße, where a new mosaic decorates a wall of a garage court now. Artists Janine Despaigne and Nora Schlebusch designed that wall in collaboration with residents and local children. Artist duo Clemens Behr with roots in the Ruhr area and based in Berlin and Ahmed Abdellatif who is based in Dortmund and paints canvases UFAM Ruhr; Clemens Behr x Ahmed Abdellatif; Bachstraße 34normally, have designed a mural at Bachstraße 34. Wehringhausen scores points and moves closer to the highly creative Unionviertel in Dortmund. For some time now a lot of residents and creatives have made efforts to improve public appearance. With success as it seems.

More pictures you’ll find -> here

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