UFAM Ruhr – Essen

UFAM Ruhr went on while I was in London. A lot of work has been done and a number of new artworks enrich the northern part of the inner city of Essen, just as at other UFAM playgrounds as Dortmund, Hamm, Hagen and last but not least Herten.

012.JPGOn my way to the organic market I normally have to pass an unattractive, rundown corner at Kasteienstraße / Viehofer Straße. This corner was a constant public annoyance as it was permanently tagged with stupid amateurish graffiti smearings. Now it has been retreaded by a brandnew mosaic. Artist SOFIAN and a group of local children designed the corner to stop 013smearings for the future. The next corner at Viehofer Straße / Kreuzeskirchstraße has got a new mural by  Martin Bender aka BNDR and Tobias Koop. Both artists are based in Hagen and their mural was created from 26. – 28. September in Essen at Viehofer Straße 28. Not far away from there, at Am Porscheplatz 25, another Collaboration of two artists, Anabel Jujol and Iakovos V017b.JPGolkos aka N.A.R. is to be seen. Annabel Jujol is an artist based in Essen with roots in Spain. She studied painting at Academy of Fine Arts, Essen as a master student of Bernard Lokai. Iakovos Volkos aka N.A.R. is a russian artist based in Athens. His works can often be found in ruins and lost places. Only a stones throw away, at Kasteienstraße / Rottstraße, a mural was designed by 009.JPGMartin Domagala and Roman Kochanski. Martin Domagala has roots in the Ruhr area. He works as freelance artist in Essen and is involved in Youth work. Roman Kochanski was born in Essen and studied at Art Academy Düsseldorf. He, too works as freelance artist in Essen.

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