New permissive mural in Essen Werden excites the minds of residents

St. Lucius Kirche; Reigen; Dudenstraße

Seven naked women and men dancing a round dance. Following the painting of Henri Matisse „La Danse“ which shows five dancing figures, the unknown artist has added three men to his round dance.

Probably it requires courage to design a facade like this in predominantly Catholic Essen-Werden. May be the owner of this house had suspected that this would exite the minds of his fellow citizens and placed his new decoration at the backside of his house in Dudenstraße. „Sodom & Gomorrha in Werden…“ that is what Facebook-comments say about that. Those who want to see this mural have to know before where to seek. It faces the private garden and is to be seen the best from the church square (Entrance at Heckstraße).

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