Dortmund – Unionviertel à la surprise

UFAM Ruhr; Ursula Meyer x E.V.U.; Sudermannstrasse 4; Kachel; 183

I had planned a short walk in Dortmund yesterday to visit Sudermannstraße 4 and the location of one more UFAM Ruhr team, Ursula Meyer and E.V.U. As it is announced at UFAM Ruhr homepage, the gable will be painted within two weeks from 13.09.2016 on. The outlines had already been painted and work rested. As I had no special plans for the rest of the walk, I began to stroll around the neighbourhood. From afar a wall in 044pink colours attracted my attention and at first I thought that it must be the L7M hummingbird at a shelter for refugees in Adlerstraße, but nearing I found, that there was added a new piece by TELMO&MIEL at the same property. Even if I could not find a reference at their homepage, I suppose that this was one more action of 44309 STREET//ART GALLERY. WOW! Unionviertel always puts me into good mood, and what I had found yesterday was no exception. I made my way back to Westentor to take a tram to main station; the best was to walk up Lange Straße and to have a look what has changed since my last visit. Passing some new designed cable distributors, tiles of 183 and STRIPED GUYS, I reached Humboldtstraße and it absolutely blew me away to find Alice Pasquini aka ALICE at work at a wall near 44309 STREET//ART GALLERY. I must admit I am still in a bit of a state of shock over this unexpected encounter.

This walk’s pictures please find here

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  1. […] started with Sudermannstraße 4 where my last visit in September was an experience of  little success as the outlines had already been painted but work rested. So […]


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