Kreuzeskirche Essen has got two new stained-glass windows designed by James Rizzi

Kreuzeskirche is an evangelical church and the oldest building in the north side of the inner city. The building was constructed 1894-1896 and has got heavy damages during World War II. Reconstruction was scheduled 1953 and since 1987 it is a listed building but it was still in need of rehabilitation. 2013 the building was sold for a token price to a local building contractor who raised the fund for the reconstruction which was finished in 2014. The local community rents the building for regular services and grants that the building will stay a church, but the rest of the time it is used as event location for concerts, meetings and conferences.


The designs for the two new windows are from James Rizzi who died 2011. His pictures are far away from monochromatic, they almost burst with colours. You cannot help smiling when Rizzi’s angels, people and animals allow you to spot the happy sides of paradise. Above all a friendly looking Hippie-Jesus and a generous godfather. Rizzi Fans will run to Essen to have a look at those unique windows. The only stained-glass windows designed by James Rizzi throughout the world.

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