August picks up speed

Nothing happens and no progress is in sight, that was my first thought this morning. Then I checked UFAM RUHR on Facebook and suddenly was awakened! Finally they gonna start: 44309 STREET//ART GALLERY and UFAM RUHR will present the finest selection of emerging street and urban artists. On show will be a core of German artists with a twist of international highlights. Starting Friday 26.8.2016 7pm

The exhibition will feature:
– JUST / Boris Niehaus
– Jan Schoch
– Peter Petersen
– Lea Carla Diestelhorst
– 44 Flavors
– David Radon
Ursula Meyer
– Johannes Mundinger
– NAR / Iakovos Volkov

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  1. […] know that the next days would be so exiting. First I checked UFAM Ruhr and found the first event I would like to have a look at. Later in the morning I thought it would be a good idea to check […]

    Gefällt mir

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