Farbfieber has painted a new Mural in Düsseldorf Eller

"Haben und Teilen" (Farbfieber, 2016); KLAUS KLINGER  x TUHAJust the second view shows the word in capital letters: „HABEN“ (HAVING), it fills the whole wall extensively. The wolf in a black buisiness suit bares his fangs, behind him the word in much smaller font: „TEILEN“ (SHARING) wrapped with barbwire, below the contempalive-looking monkey, which is Klaus Klinger’s trademark. His work always deals with political or social "Haben und Teilen" (Farbfieber, 2016); KLAUS KLINGER  x TUHAmeans; this time he has taken aim at aggressive defend of ownership and everything-is-mine position. No wonder, the mural is in the immediate vicinity of Fiftyfifty  Gallery, a supporter of homeless  and down-and-out people in Düsseldorf.

More pictures -> here

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