Dorsten – wall protection by grafitti? It works!

I use to visit Dorsten frequently as my family lives there, but I never suspected Dorsten to be a streetart hot spot. My last visit gradually changed my mind. I wandered through the city and found unexpectedly some nice pieces of renowned graffiti writers. Dorsten is a small town located on the northern outskirts of the Ruhr area. Founded in medieval times, the former Hanseatic town Dorsten was considerably prosperous. It was blooming with trading, wood industry and shipbuilding. The beginning of coal mining in the early 20th century was coupled with a further upswing of economy and the declining of the mining industry lead to a longer period of economic stagnation. The last colliery „Fürst Leopold“ was closed 2001.

 002.JPGArriving Dorsten by train, passengers have to leave the station through a pedestrian underpass. As so often, this tunnel was a constant public annoyance as it was permanently tagged with stupid amateurish graffiti smearings. How wonderful that Dorsten has its cultural association „Virtuell-Visuell“. They launched a project in cooperation with two 032.JPGexperienced graffiti writers from Essen, to prevent the walls from smearings in the future. Well done! THE TOP NOTCH and DEMON went into top form for this piece. Walking through the town a small alleyway named „Bauhausstiege“ attracted my attention. Unusual colors at a grey wall drew me to it like magic. This wall, designed again by Essen’s dream team DEMON/NOTCH, "Stadtbild"; Projekt IPE und Virtuell-Visuell (2009)seemed to be a tribute to the Bauhaus artists Kandinski and Le Corbousier. But this narrow road has nothing to do with Weimar and the art school, in fact it is reminiscent of Kaspar Bauhaus, who lived there in 1822. Kandinsky and Le Corbousier? …More likely a joke! Only a stone’s throw away, one more project of „Visuell-Virtuell“. „Stadtbild“ has been020 designed at a 40m wall at Patergasse  by 7 renowned graffiti writers in 2009. The wall still looks freshly painted and is well respected by the local writer scene. On my way to the bus stop I again stumbled over a colored wall. At a multi-storey car park at Klostergasse you’ll find another project of „Visuell-Virtuell“. A former blot was changed to an art object by local graffiti artists. Grafitti prevention Dorsten style.

For more images of this walk -> click


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