Superman and other Superheroes

Cologne drives me crazy!  Whenever I pass though, mostly by train, I discover something new along the tracks. Last week I had to change the train at Cologne main station and as I had a lot of time, I went back and forth the platform, when a Mural of Superman far away at a wall attracted my attention.

Hotel Madison; Marzellenstraße 72-74

Later, passing this Mural by train I was particularly intrigued by a painted Spiderman, which was out of sight at the platform. The train passed very quickly – no chance for a good shot. So I decided to come back at a later time to get a closer look. To find the location was quite easy; the facade was painted with the name of Hotel Madison. What shall I say – I was quite annoyed that the mural could only 011.JPGbe seen as a rail traveller. No pictures of Spiderman! But – there is a brand-new Portrait of Chilly Gonzales painted by Martin Bender for this year’s Electronic Beats Festival. Hagen based artist Martin Bender has painted five murals with portraits of headliners of this festival; Grace Jones, Tony Allen, Chilly Gonzales, Kerri Chandler and Mø, and each one was featured at a prime spot somewhere in the 051.JPGcity. Perhaps I’ll find one or other some time later on one of my return visits. And – quasi as an encore – only a stone’s throw away, at Marzellenstraße 72-74, you’ll find a Mural painted for CityLeaks 2011 by Captain Borderline and Thomas Baumgärtel aka DER BANANENSPRAYER.

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  1. […] with portraits of headliners for this year’s Electronic Beats Festival. The first I found was Chilly Gonzales at a wall near Cologne main station. Now I found the portrait of Grace Jones on a walk near […]


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